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VARORIENT SHIPPING CO., INC. (VARCO) was organized and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 1985.  It is registered and accredited by the Department of Labor under Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) and duly licensed by national and local government to engage in MANNING/CREWING business under the Laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

Situated in Makati City, within Metro Manila, VARCO’s location offers easy access to public transportation, foreign embassies, training centers, travel agencies, medical clinics, banks and other institution/business establishments the company is dealing with.

Var-Orient Working Office

The company is efficiently managed by a group of competent and well-experienced shipping executives and former seafarers on senior management levels, who had long years of first- hand experience on board the ships.  As such, they are not only familiar with crewing and shipboard requirements, they feel and fulfill the needs of both  the crewmembers and principals . They see to it that the agency always maintain qualified, hardworking and honest crew for the immediate requirements of it its Principal for different type of vessels.


Our company, VARORIENT SHIPPING CO. INC. (VARCO) is one of the leading recruitment agencies in the Philippines.  The company has been given numerous recognition and excellent citations by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for its outstanding performance and excellent record in promoting the competence and creating employment opportunities for Filipino Seaman.   Among others, POEA Top Ten Performer Award and POEA Citation Award was given to VARCO for several years.

VARCO’s Senior  Management Team  is  composed  of  highly  professional  staff  with long years  of  experience  in  the  merchant  marine  services  globally. The  members  are backed with their international and local experience and training. They have long years of experience in passenger Cruise Lines and manning agent specialists on board cargo and cruise vessels.   They have served on board vessels in various capacities as master, staff captain,  hotel manager, chief purser, chief housekeeper, food and bar supervisors, and gift shop manager.    As such, they offer precision in sourcing highly motivated, as well as committed seafarers, fulfilling hiring requirements of what a specific job entails and determining crew qualifications.  They ensure that the quality of seafarers are fully assessed, training is verified, and peace of mind is guaranteed. We would like to offer this peace of mind to you.

Now, the company is supplying quality and competent crew for commercial vessels, as well as passenger cruise ships and commercial vessels to its principals in Europe, USA and Asian Countries.


Margarita Colarina Varias
Margarita Colarina Varias

Var-Orient President Margarita Colarina Varias has over Thirty (30) years of experience operating a  sea-based manning and shipping agency in the Philippines. Prior to this, she was an operations manager of a land- based agency sending Filipino workers overseas.

A degree holder in Business Administration and Business Shipping Management, Ms. Varias worked her way up from Crewing Manager to Operations Manager of various seabased agencies until her current position as Company President of Var-Orient Shipping Co., Inc..

Her valuable long years of experience in the maritime field, coupled with the mastery of crewing operations and administration, have been a solid foundation of the organization’s efficiency and reliability.

As the company president, she ensures that all requirements are effectively implemented and provide the principal with confidence that VARCO can consistently meet operational needs and expectations, as well as comply with applicable regulations