VAR-ORIENT SHIPPING CO., INC. is licensed by the Philippine Government through the Philippine  Overseas  Employment  Agency (POEA) to  recruit  and deploy seafarers to international shipping lines.

It includes:

  • Manning & Crew Management
  • Supply of Riding Gang
  • Supply of crew for oil & gas
  • Supply of drilling crew
  • Supply of crew & Officers for Tanker, Container, Bulk, Cargo, Log, etc.
  • Supply of Crew Personnel to passenger vessels, Commercial Yachts & boats.
    • Deck Department –  Officers and Ratings
    • Engine Department – Officers and Ratings
    • Hotel Department
      • Hotel Manager, Pursers, Cruise Director, Cruise & Shore Excursion Staff, Entertainers, , Casino, Photographer, Hairdresser, Masseuse, Bar & Restaurant  personnel,chefs, cooks and galley crew.